A teacher
A Teacher
Some one who is wise
Who cares about the students
And wears no disguise
But is honest and open
And shares from the heart
Not just lessons from the books
But life when you are
A teacher takes time
To help and tutor
English or Maths or Computer
He is someone who is patient
Even in stress
with more or give less
Than the very best
In the morning assembly we pray to the Almighty to give us a sharp intellect since it is our belief that it is an important virtue for successful living. However, this cannot be traded and has to be acquired by illuminating the minds of children. The nursery for creating enlightened souls is an educational institution. These enlightened souls form the core group of society and radiate their inner illumination everywhere. Achieving this ideal is a Herculean task for an educator as it involves the cooperation of both teacher and students. Gurugram Public School strives to achieve excellence by exhorting teachers and students to work in unison for greater glory.

This concept is enshrined in our school motto and is the guiding principle of school functioning. Striving for and achieving excellence is a difficult task. We at Gurugram Public School strive to ensure this by engaging teachers who are passionate, compassionate, experienced and competent. Students are gently guided towards imbibing the belief that the best learners are those who approach their teacher through humility and dedication. In India teachers have always been held in high esteem and Gurugram Public School tries to uphold this tradition by stimulating the spirit of inquisitiveness.

The school was conceived in 2001 in the memory of our late father who was a Sanskrit teacher and is a tribute in commemoration of his memory.

The School upholds the belief that to transform the lives of children it is essential to develop the core. values of truthfulness, respect for elders, purity of thought, concentration, discipline, integrity and respect for national property for we believe these are necessary endowments for complete and holistic success

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